Why Do I Stay?

[vc_row type=\”in_container\” full_screen_row_position=\”middle\” scene_position=\”center\” text_color=\”dark\” text_align=\”left\” overlay_strength=\”0.3\”][vc_column column_padding=\”no-extra-padding\” column_padding_position=\”all\” background_color_opacity=\”1\” background_hover_color_opacity=\”1\” width=\”1/1\” tablet_text_alignment=\”default\” phone_text_alignment=\”default\”][vc_column_text] The past year rocked the entire world, and Uganda was not immune to all of the uncertainty, fear, restrictions, and additional challenges, brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Already, 2021 is off to a tumultuous beginning in Uganda. The presidential elections were held these last […]

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A Heroic Dialogue

At Imprint Hope, we strive to compose a string of words that accurately portrays the heroic joys, challenges and beauty of having a child with a disability in Uganda.  A huge part of our work is follow-up visits with families, who have been discharged from Imprint Hope’s 7-week training course. Every couple of days, Imprint Hope’s staff

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You Will Make Me Brave

Just the other night, sleepy Hassan comes creeping into my room with tears streaming down his face, saying ‘Mom, I had a bad dream.’ Recognizing that Hassan has a long history of nightmares, I stopped everything I was doing, dried his tears and asked ‘what did you dream about?’ With a tear-filled voice Hassan replied,

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