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Imprint Hope empowers sustainability by equipping families to become more resilient through family counseling and our microfinance training course. These programs are aimed to provide the psychosocial and financial support that the majority of families experience in raising a child with disabilities in Uganda.

Each mother that attends Imprint Hope’s 7-week program is provided daily counseling and is equipped and empowered in business skills via mentoring and community training seminars.
Upon graduation from this course, each mother is given a micro-loan that is expected to be paid back over the next twelve months. This loan serves as a mechanism to help each mother start her small scale business in her home village with the hope of combating poverty.

Upon the families return to their village, Imprint Hope’s staff assesses the mothers regularly to ensure they are thriving in their new businesses, while meeting the essential needs of their child.
Families in Uganda
Families in Uganda
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I thought to myself, "I have no hope" & that is when I found imprint hope.


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