No Stranger To Pain

Momma Jen was in her early twenties when she found herself pregnant. She was scared to tell her parents and the father about the pregnancy because she feared they would ask her to abort the child…

⁣When the time to give birth arrived, Momma Jen gave birth alone in a hospital. The doctors initially told Momma Jen that her daughter was dead, so they put Baby Jen in a room with other dead children. However, hours later, they heard the cry of Baby Jen from the morgue – the nurse brought her back to her mother… In that moment, thinking her child was dead and then finding out she was alive, began this courageous women’s journey of motherhood…⁣

⁣As time went on, Momma Jen noticed that her daughter wasn’t typically developing. Her neck was weak and she had tight muscles in her arms and legs and she was failing to make eye contact and babble…Her neighbors and family members told Momma Jen to take Jen to “traditional healers” (i.e. witchcraft doctors).


However, Momma Jen refused to follow the voices of her family and surrounding community. She wanted to find another way…


Momma Jen initially heard about Imprint Hope back in 2018. Upon hearing about Imprint Hope, Momma Jen traveled to Imprint Hope’s Center to find some answers regarding her daughters condition. Due to Imprint Hope’s long waiting list of families, we could not accept her into the program immediately. However, Momma Jen persistently kept in contact with our social worker for two years – yearning for an opportunity to find out answers and ways to help her daughter.

During these last two years of waiting to attend Imprint Hope’s program, Momma Jen was isolated and rejected by her dearest connections and family. Jen’s Father stopped supporting his wife and daughter. When Momma Jen mustered up the courage in her heart to tell her parent’s about Jen’s disability – her parents told her they didn’t want to see her again and that she should abandon the child. Through it all, Momma Jen refused to give up – she clung to hope despite the uncertainties and isolation she experienced.



Momma Jen’s prayers and relentless perseverance and courage were answered when Jen and her Mom joined Imprint Hope program in February 2020.

Since being at Imprint Hope, Momma Jen is happier than ever with her daughter’s progress. Jen can now roll over and swallow food. She is more active and engages with toys, people’s faces and responds to sounds. Momma Jen is learning vital exercises to help her daughter get stronger and she is learning the HOW and WHY behind Jen’s disability.

Momma Jen expressed to Imprint Hope’s staff member – – –

\”I’m so grateful to be here and learning so much about my daughter because for so many years, I didn’t know or understand why my daughter was different…I feel so encouraged that I’m not alone anymore…”

Upon interaction with Momma Jen, you feel a quiet strength. She observes, engages and listens – – –


You see a woman who is no stranger to pain.


For so many years, she faced the grueling stigma of disability through her family, friends and neighbors walking away when she needed their support the most….

To fight for truth amidst lies, confusion and pure abandonment of everyone she has ever known = grueling pain.

And yet, the scars and pain she has experienced has transformed her into becoming the courageous advocate for her daughter.

Hence, the beautiful mystery – – the scars and hurt underneath can be utilized to be the greatest portal to who we were created to be for the people right in front of us.


We believe in Momma Jen and how she can be the most vital advocate for her daughter. We are so honored to fight and journey along with her, so she doesn’t have  to go through the challenges alone anymore.