A Vision for the Future

There are many days I fail to see the bigger picture at Imprint Hope. I find myself getting caught up in the challenges of the present moment and I lose sight of what we are fighting for each day…

…then I look at a mother and father with their child and I am reminded that we are fighting for preservation within their families.

We are fighting so that children throughout Uganda do not have to feel the pain, abandonment and rejection of being dropped at an orphanage. We are fighting so that children feel deeply loved within a family.

We are fighting for children with disabilities to feel accepted–not just because they can walk, talk and go to school, but simply because their life is precious and inherently valuable.

We are fighting for mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents and village leaders to rise up to safeguard and protect the most vulnerable children in their communities – children with disabilities.


As we enter the last FIVE days of the countdown until Imprint Hope’s 5th Birthday, we hope you feel encouraged regarding the impact Imprint Hope is making in Uganda.

There is still so much work to be done and we have big dreams for the future!

We have been working on a big project behind the scenes and with your support, we will have the opportunity to train, hire and employ more Ugandan professionals in the future. We will be able to hire more medical professionals, therapists, educators and social workers. We look forward to the day that we triple the number of families that will receive vital support, medical care, micro-loans and rehabilitation.

As Imprint Hope grows and plans for the future, we will continue to impact Uganda’s population (12.4%) that lives with some form of a disability. We need your support & prayers to make our vision a reality. Will you join us in creating a culture of life & promoting strong family unity? 



Thank you for journeying with us. Thank you for dreaming with us. Thank you for imprinting hope within your own families and in your own communities. Together, we will change this world. This isn’t just about Uganda, it’s about leaving our “imprint” wherever we go–however we can–to all we encounter.