“Imprint” YOUR Mark In Uganda Through Financial Support!

You can donate to support the Educational and Rehabilitation Center.

Imprint Hope’s Educational and Rehabilitation Center

Goal: $10,000/month

Donate to the Educational and Rehabilitation Center

Educational and Rehabilitation Center Donation

The Imprint Hope Center requires $10,000 of monthly recurring donations to keep their doors open.

Support the Imprint Hope Center by providing monthly support to employ Ugandan professionals (i.e. Social Workers, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Special Education Teachers, Human Right Advocate), pay rent, purchase food, and supply adaptive equipment to children with disabilities and their families.


Give mobility to a child with a disability by purchasing a wheelchair for them.


Feed the children with disabilities and their families for one month.


Employ Full-Time Ugandan Social Workers, Nurses, and Doctors to work at the Center for one month.


Provide monthly rent for Imprint Hope’s Center.