Do You Want Your Name On Our Wall?

Upon walking into Imprint Hope’s Center of Healing Hearts and Restoring Hope, the first thing your eyes will notice is our wall of hearts to your right.  We designed this wall in 2017 to honor the generosity of our supporters across the world, who enable Imprint Hope’s Mission to be present in Uganda. Since, we believe that without YOUR generosity, Imprint Hope’s Mission would […]

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Get Involved in Uganda


The seven-year old boys head remained staring at the ground while banging an empty plastic soda bottle against a stone. His dirty appearance seemed like he had been roaming around all day in the red Ugandan soil. His mother looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said ‘this is my son, Ian.’

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F I V E  Y E A R S.  Five years ago I stepped on a plane from the Newark airport platform bound for Uganda, East Africa. All I had to cling to was a dream, a hope, a relentless fire within my heart to respond to a little voice that said – “go be

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Hope Is Never Lost

“I have been alone my whole life…”  These are the gut wrenching words of Momma Phillip, who is currently enrolled in Imprint Hope’s 7-week educational program. She entered our program six weeks ago in a very vulnerable state, where every counseling session, therapy session, educational class or any mention of her son’s name would trigger an emotional

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Tripping Over Today

According to Webster’s dictionary, a dreamer is defined as one who has ideas or conceives projects regarded as impractical. Someone whose plans are not based in reality. Well lets just say that if I had a nickel for every time I have caught myself dreaming up some wild vision for our world or wondering what

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