A Day in the Life at Imprint Hope

Have you ever wondered about the sights and sounds of Imprint Hope?

From 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Imprint Hope\’s Educational and Rehabilitation Center is a balancing act of serving the countless needs of our families at the center, referrals from other organizations, multidisciplinary meetings, and visiting families, who have previously graduated from our program. 

Today we wanted to give you a peek into: A Day in the Life at Imprint Hope – 


Imprint Hope’s compound sits on a one acre plot overlooking Lake Victoria in the village of Masese in Jinja, Uganda. Each morning the sun rises just over the horizon and Imprint Hope’s Center glows in the light of dawn.

Chickadees chirp and hawks soar as our groundskeeper, Stephens, pushes his bicycle through our front security gate that encompasses our entire compound. This makes him the first employee to arrive each morning. He finds the Mamas already up and washing their clothing and hanging them on the line to dry.

Over the next several moments, our staff members continuously trickle through the gate. Some on bicycles, some on foot, while others have caught a ride on a “boda-boda,”–small people-moving motorcycles.


\"\"\"\"By 8:15am, all of our employees have arrived from their corners of Jinja and they rush to the outdoor kitchen where Alisha, our cook, has prepared chapatis, eggs and fresh pineapple for breakfast.

Our staff members then come to our staff meeting where we discuss the challenges of the day before and plan for the day ahead. Our meeting topics typically include: medical updates from our Nurse, challenges our families having working through some aspect of trauma in their life, therapy gains or struggles, and how we can work together as a transdisciplinary team to serve the families under our program that day. We discuss for 30 minutes and then we pray together and start our day!

From the morning meeting our staff disperses to their respective offices and begin engaging in their specialty. Our social workers head to the counseling rooms, our therapists head to the therapy room, so on and so forth.

Some team members head deep into the villages to visit families who have graduated from our program. We send therapists to check on the children’s progress in therapy, social workers to visit families on family challenges and our Microfinance team members check on existing businesses and business plans for future loans. 

\"\"\"\"Meanwhile at Imprint Hope\’s Center, from 9:30-11:30am our mothers rotate through therapy and counseling, before everyone gathers again for a morning class beginning at 11:30am. Throughout the seven-week program the mothers attend classes on nutrition, self-awareness, hygiene, parenting, disability education, business and NFP. Once class finishes, everyone heads outside for lunch & socializing. 

From 1:30-3:30pm, the mothers continue rotating through therapies and counseling. They have a second class in the afternoon and then they head to their evening  activity which is either tailoring or Zumba. Our Mommas stay very busy all day, there is so much to learn! 

Over the last five years, our days have shifted, morphed and shaped into our current routine. We cannot wait to see what the next five years will bring. We know it is only going up from here!

Thank you so much for your continued support of Imprint Hope! We hope that this little peek into our daily routine gives you a better understanding of our full life at Imprint Hope in Jinja, Uganda!