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Promoting the dignity and unique "imprint" of people with disabilities

through an educated and holistic perspective

why do we exist?

of the Ugandan population live with some form of a disability.
0 %
children in Uganda have a disability.
0 mil
of people with disabilities in Uganda cannot afford proper health care.
0 %

Imprint Hope steps in and ...


Imprint Hope promotes the dignity and worth of people with disabilities through a 7-week educational training course and community desensitization programs on disabilities.


Imprint Hope empowers families through microfinance training, micro-loans, and mentorship in small business development in rural villages throughout Uganda.


Imprint Hope provides access to vital medical care and intensive rehabilitation services to families in rural villages throughout Uganda.


Hi! I’m Clare, the founder of Imprint Hope. I created this foundation out of a burning fire to bring help, hope, and purpose to children with disabilities in Uganda.

I grew up alongside a sister with a disability. Although, it’s a challenge for Kate to use words to express her desires, thoughts, and feelings, I’ve never known a human love deeper than hers. Kate’s life has allowed me to peek inside the complex soul of a person with disability—and see how valuable, purposeful, and beautiful it truly is.

That’s the experience I want to offer you through Imprint Hope—whether that’s serving, giving, or praying. You’ll begin to see the world differently. You’ll be more attentive to people you hadn’t noticed before. And you’ll have the opportunity to leave a powerful mark on a child’s life forever.

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Imprint Hope's presence in Uganda taught me that my child's life has a purpose. 


Get Involved with Imprint Hope

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things to change the world."

Join us in fostering, educating, and empowering a culture of life for children with disabilities in Uganda. Imprint Hope runs solely off the generosity and selfless virtue of others. Please join us in this collaborative effort to help children with disabilities leave their beautiful fingerprint of joy on the world! 

Your involvement makes it possible for children with disabilities to receive life-changing medical care, for a child with a disability to sit up for the first time in a wheelchair, for families to be educated and empowered, and for all to learn the invaluable potential and purpose of every human soul.