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By August 23, 2014August 2014

Have you ever struggled to conjure up words from Webster’s dictionary to adequately describe a moment or experience which impacts your heart forever?! Or the challenge it is at times to explain how a smile or kind word can instill within your heart so much hope?!

My experience here in Africa is not changing who I am, but merely enabling me to see the world and every moment in a new light. So many times in life, I’ve used the word “giving” to describe an event of doing something for others, but I’m realizing that this description is far from accurate because when you give, you receive nothing in return.

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I wish you were all here to witness the exuberant smiles and glorious rejoicing as 26 new mattresses and 52 red t- shirts were placed in the cupboard of the Holy Innocence dorm. A huge thank-you shout out to Monique Caron for making this happen!!! The boundless spirit of gratitude and indescribable joy that the children displayed could not compare to receiving any gift. I feel selfish that the people who actually made this happen were not there because witnessing the joy on the children’s faces was truly indescribable!! Some of the old mattresses…

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My happy boys on their new mattresses…

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“Sharing” the gifts and strengths we have been given with others is when we ALL can change the world through turning within and transforming our own hearts to see that only a life lived for others is a life worth living. The children here do not possess a sense of entitlement or believe that anything is owed to them, but merely recognize and see all as a gift. Sleeping on a smelly mattress with holes and wearing an oversized t-shirt is their “normal.” So when they receive a gesture of love from others, they are simply overcome with joy.

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The simplicity of heart, grateful spirit and way these boys see life has forever impacted and changed my heart. The ability and gift to love these children compares with nothing I’ve ever experienced. I’m realizing how these children are the true givers because the gift to love promises that joy, greatness and beauty for which we all long. Therein lies our HOPE šŸ™‚

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