Over five months ago, I petitioned the Ugandan High Court to adopt a very special boy who had entered my life five years ago…

Yesterday, Hassan and I were summoned back to court to receive the adoption ruling.

After countless hours of waiting outside of the court room, the judge’s clerk comes out of the door and says “Adoption Case of Hassan Kaaya.” Upon hearing those words, my heart skipped a beat. I took a breathe and thanked God for this LONG awaited moment and stood up. 

Taking Hassan by the hand, we walked into that court room. We addressed the judge and took a seat. 

The judge then proceeded to explain the exceptional circumstances of our adoption case. (In Uganda a single woman can’t adopt a male, unless for ‘exceptional cases.’)

And then the judge proceeded to express that in a normal circumstance a case like ours would typically not be allowed, however (the greatest ‘however,’ I ever heard in my life :)) due to the ‘exceptional circumstances’ of Hassan’s story, the Ugandan Hight Court would like to grant full legal custody of Hassan Kaaya to Clare Byrne. 

Upon hearing those words, my eyes instantly flooded with tears and the pure miracle of what was unfolding in front of me became apparent. 

My mind traveled back to when I met little Hassan at the orphanage over 5 years ago. All of the painful goodbye’s when I had to leave him at that awful place upon traveling back home. I thought about how I begged God to spare his life on a filthy hospital floor after he had fallen 6 feet and experienced a traumatic brain injury. I thought about all of the hard moments throughout  these past two years where we began a journey of healing from Hassan’s past trauma and awful memories of being abandoned and abused. 

Over the past two years of fostering Hassan, I’ve tried so hard to be brave for him.
I tried to be positive when he expressed doubts that he would never have a family to take care of him. I tried to cling to Hope that God had a plan through the brokenness of Hassan and my own journey. 

However, at the end of the day, I had no idea what the outcome of my fostering journey would be. So many lies and voices in my head shouted that I was wasting my time because the Ugandan High Court would most likely never grant the adoption.

Transplanting my mind back to that Ugandan Court, Hassan finally grabbed me out of my little daydream and we were finished. We got up and thanked the judge and walked out of the room. I’m still processing all that happened because I’m still in shock!

This has by far been the longest and most challenging season of my life, but so completely and utterly worth it.  I’ve learned there are so many seasons in life for sadness and rejoicing, but above all perseverance and trust in God’s Faithfulness must be apart of the equation. 

Truth be told, I’ve chased a million things in my life.

However, this dream of being Hassan’s Mom was planted on my heart every since he fell and nearly died 5 years ago. Every part of me yearned to protect, safeguard, teach him about his worth and value, and above all reveal to him God’s Incredible Unconditional Love for him. 

When I embarked upon a plane to Uganda twenty six months ago to launch Imprint Hope, I had no idea I would be leaving my family and friends at home for that long. I desperately miss them, but I made a promise to Hassan when he came home with me from the orphanage, that I would not get on the plane again without him. I so desperately want to keep this promise and today we are ONE step closer to that reality. 

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