I’m a Huge Fan of Miracles….

By January 14, 2014January 2014

It’s pretty amazing how God sends you little angels along your journey in life to constantly prove His boundless love for you. Hasaan has been my little angel since the day I arrived at Busega. He runs to hold my hand every morning and says, ‘Sister Clare, let me unlock your door for you.’ He holds bottles of milk for me as I feed some of the kids in the morning; he runs to the storeroom and brings me back bananas; he helps me sweep and mop the therapy room and is my joyous shadow throughout the day that I never want to go away.


Hearing the words ‘Hasaan has fallen, Hasaan is dying’ is a heart dropping feeling where everything inside of me wanted to run and hold this precious boy in my arms and make everything alright again. I was not at the orphanage the morning Hasaan fell, but Bro. Gabriel, who is the brother in charge at Busega, came up to me that evening and said ‘Clare, your son has fallen.’ I soon found out that Hasaan was being the mischievous boy he is and was playing on the top of the monkey cage and fell 6ft onto the edge of concrete, slit open his forehead, broke his frontal lobe and sustained a pretty nasty head injury. In that moment, I felt a glimmer of motherhood because even though I’ve only been here for a short period of time, I love and cling to these boys as they unceasingly cling to me, and hearing those words sent daggers through my heart.

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I thought the boda ride (motorcycle ride) to the hospital would never end as I just prayed Hail Mary after Hail Mary begging God to send His angels to protect this little guy. Upon arriving at Mulago Hospital, I found Hasaan curled up in a ball in a room that was filled with dirty trash and countless patients lying on the floor needing assistance. I felt like a frantic mother (it was scary how I resembled my own Mom at this moment šŸ™‚ love you Mom!) running around the hospital hunting down and pestering the Dr’s to go over the CT scan and making sure Hasaan was given the proper medication.

The next two days were a whirlwind. I just held Hasaan in my arms all day as he tried to sleep amongst a filthy, smelly room with 30 other patients. I tried to cover his ears from all the noise as he squirmed in pain. So many thoughts rushed through my head, but all I wanted was for Hasaan to return back to Busega and be able to joyously live with his fellow brothers again. All my worries vanished away when Hasaan tried to open his eyes, amongst all of his swelling and said ‘Sister Clare.’ He just said my name, but that was all I needed to hear because in that moment I had indescribable faith that Hasaan was going to be alright.


It truly is a miracle watching Hasaan’s recovery. Thank you all for your prayers! Within 2 days, Hasaan was back at the orphanage and running around with his brothers. This little guy has not even complained of a headache!! I’ve seen children sustain head injuries with a drastically different outcome! I can only rest in total peace that God has His All-Powerful Hands over these children and He holds them together for a very specific purpose. Life is such a gift and to watch the miracle of life unfold before your eyes is a breathtaking site to witness šŸ™‚

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“I can only rest in total peace that God has His All-Powerful Hands over these children and He holds them together for a very specific purpose.” Amen, sister Clare!! So truly He does. And you are serving Him through these children in such a profound and selfless way! Your spiritual motherhood to these boys is a blessing beyond measure. I was praying for you and all you are doing today in St. Margaret’s Adoration Chapel, where we prayed a holy hour together discerning God’s will together… So clearly He is showing us the path He has set for us. It… Read more »