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By September 11, 2014September 2014

Racing through the Entebbe airport to my sister, Megan was a moment I will cherish forever. In the airport over here, family and friends ‘typically’ have to wait outside to pick up the people coming off the plane, however (a BIG exception there :)) I was overcome with pure, crazy joy when I caught sight of Mills, through the window, picking her luggage from the conveyor belt, to the extent that I raced through the door, past the security officers to Mills. The security officers were very forgiving when they saw the abundant joy in our hearts after finally being reunited and when all was said and done we became friends with them.

This EPIC reunion at 2am was only a foreshadowing of a non-stop, epic week of cherished memories to last a lifetime in the book of Freddy and Teddy’s adventures. I was ecstatic to share a glimmer of this beautiful life with my dear sister! From the children at the orphanage, to the day-to-day schedule of the brothers, to just sitting on the porch and enjoying a cup of African tea together was ALL that was needed to make our week together a memorable time of incredible Joy!

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Mills made a priceless comment that my level of craziness has reached a new level since we’ve been in different countries for the last 10 months, which could not be more true. For instance, waking up at 5:40 am, running around like crazy with my boys at the orphanage and then coming home to cook for 5+ hours to prepare dinner for 50 brothers is totally a “normal” day right? Right!

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Well the brothers love to share and welcome people over a meal, so Mills and I embraced the chance to prepare the brothers an American feast. We compiled an awesome menu of hamburgers, guacamole, yummy pumpkin and Irish potatoes all topped off with a scrumptious carrot cake to give the brothers a taste of the way Americans prepare the awesome ingredients found in the markets over here. Mills was in her glory with all the delicious pumpkin!

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The brothers and boys instantly fell in love with Mills because they witnessed and personally felt the depth of love she possessed within her heart to care for these beautiful children, who teach the world a new definition of love. It’s a gift to be able to see past the smells, the urine and blood, non-stop noise at the orphanage and see with eyes wide open a beautiful soul lying before you, who is just yearning to be held and cared for with compassion and love. Mills embodied this example of love to these boys.

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Many visitors and volunteers have passed through the orphanage during my stay here. I’m learning how it doesn’t matter to the brothers and boys the depth of knowledge you possess, how many degrees you have earned, where you’ve been or what you’ve accomplished in life. They only look into the depths of your heart and see the extent to which you selflessly give and LOVE.

Self fulfillment, joy, happiness begins with appreciating the gifts you have been given and who you can be for others in this world. Even though the week with Mills went by in a flash, we treasured every moment that we could learn more deeply how to love through these beautiful children.

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I’m so glad you two had a wonderful visit.