To the mother who quietly packs away her plate of rice and beans to feed her malnourished child that night…

        To the single mother who can’t scrape together transport money to get her child to the hospital…

                                   To the mother who can’t fathom why her child never developed the ability to hold her head up…

Its so easy to become desensitized to the daily challenges these families undergo when you are immersed in their vivid realities day after day. Its so easy to become numb to the child lying down on the hard ground of the mud hut with only one meal a day. Or to the child gagging on their food because they are being fed rice and beans and can’t even swallow. 

To be brutally honest with you, many days I’m surrounded by a sea of doubt as to whether the tremendous mound of challenges ever present in the lives of Ugandans will ever change. Whether social and rehabilitative services will not be a foreign concept to families, but a vivid and ever present reality. Whether a mother will wake up one day and not see the burden, but the joy and gift, their child with a disability presents to their family. 

Its a daily fight, but I refuse to allow myself to become numb to these struggles that moved my heart to come to Uganda back in 2013. I refuse to sit around and wait for a miracle for these children and families. We can BE the miracle for others. 

Well its time to sink deeper still into this mission…..

I’m overjoyed to announce the opening of Imprint Hope’s Rehabilitation Center this upcoming March 2017!

This center is located in Walukuba village and will serve children with disabilities in the surrounding areas as well as families from distant rural areas. We will be inviting children with disabilities and their caretakers to the center for 2-3 months at a time and will be offering them intensive physical rehabilitation, orthopedic equipment, daily classes on origins of various disabilities, proper nutrition, hygiene, as well as daily support groups and counseling to encourage and support these mothers in the midst of their daily struggle for survival.

Imprint Hope is currently training and employing a Ugandan Doctor, Social Workers, a Ugandan manager, a day cook and day/night guard to staff and help run the center. We will do everything in our power to ensure that all families who walk through our doors will gain vital education, abundant encouragement and a living testimony to the irrevocable value and abundant purpose of their child with a disability in our world. 




img_8145This journey in Uganda continues to remind me everyday how I’m totally inadequate alone. This mound of work requires a whole team!!!

I’m calling all eager hearts to join the mission in Uganda. We can be the change. We can be the hope. We can be the arms that don’t let go for these children. We can affirm, encourage, and  prove the beautiful purpose of these children with disabilities in our world! We can emulate compassion by entering into the places of pain and brokenness with these families.  

We are currently looking for donors to help support the salaries and daily food budget to run the center. For approximately $47.00 a month you enable us to employ Ugandan professionals and provide vital medical and rehabilitative services for one child.

I have personally witnessed the abundant struggle many families undergo to survive over here in Uganda. The complexities in caring for a child with a disability greatly compounds their challenges. The struggle is real and can break families apart and tear a mother’s resilient strength to the core.

I believe that together we can help that single mother who quietly packs away her plate of rice and beans to save and feed her malnourished child dinner that night by helping her know her selfless act does not go unnoticed. She is not alone. 

Together we can help that single mother, who can’t scrape together transport money to get to the hospital by helping her access vital resources. She is not alone. 

Together we can help that mother who can’t fathom why her child never developed the ability to hold her head up by educating and proving that there is an explanation. She is not alone. 

All children inherently deserve to be loved, appreciated, and valued. Life is worth fighting for. Help us fight this beautiful fight.

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