“But Sister Clare, why do you love those special children so much?”

By October 6, 2014September 2014

Many people have asked me throughout my stay in Uganda whether I’ve seen the amazing touristy sites of Kampala or the beautiful coffee plantations and incredible mountains and waterfalls in Western Uganda. Or whether I’ve traveled to other countries during my stay here in Uganda. I simply smile and look at them and say ‘Nah, I’ve only been to a few places, but I’ve found a treasure tucked away in a tiny corner of an orphanage that very few people have been blessed to experience.’

When I made the decision to come to Uganda, I knew I did not have much to give, but ALL I possessed was God’s beautiful love inside of me to serve the poorest, most severely disabled children placed in my path.

Call it a virtue or a vice, but I’m an all or nothing type of girl. I’m either in or out, hot or cold, black or white. I’ve tried to give everything for the mission I came here to accomplish. And this afternoon when one of the boys asked me ‘Sister Clare, why do you love these special children in the Holy Innocence dorm so much?’ I knew I’d accomplished my mission I came here to conquer šŸ™‚

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From the outside looking in seeing Peter walk all around the orphanage, or Paul hold his head up in midline when sitting in his wheelchair, or Ibra close his mouth and swallow food, or Martin independently walk to the toilet and go to the bathroom might appear to be some minuscule accomplishment, but they mean the world to me because though this work I’ve learned how to truly persevere, give, receive and love.

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When I think back upon the hours and hours of therapy, I don’t know how I did it. However, I do know that when you risk and give everything, one can accomplish beautiful things for others and that is ALL I came here to do. So even though I have not see many places of Uganda or Africa my heart and life is forever changed from some simple, abandoned children and selfless group of brothers. Now that sounds simply breathtakingly beautiful to me šŸ™‚

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Clare, it’s always good to see you and boys doing so well! Thanks for sharing precious stories:) i miss you and people there already. Take care and I’ll remember you in my prayer.