A Beautiful Christmas Miracle!

Brace yourself to your chair or to the ground you’re standing upon my friends because I have an incredible, rip roaring, amazing story for you! Their are just some moments in this beautiful life that leave you speechless because their are no words to adequately express how your heart has been moved to tears over the kindness and generosity of others.

Please meet Monique Caron, my dear, beautiful, friend with a heart of pure gold. Here is Monique (left) with her boyfriend, Ted and our dear friends, Mary Jean and Trevor.


Monique works for US Green Building Council (USGBC), which is a nonprofit organization, that encourages and enables green buildings and communities. USGBC recently had a Christmas party accompanied by a talent show. The spunky, hilarious and courageous Monique took a leap of faith and filmed an amazing video that attempted to catch a glimmer of her boundless talents, but when I say “attempted,” I mean it because Monique’s true “talent” lies in the pure goodness within her beautiful heart. Please watch her incredible video šŸ™‚


Well alas Monique’s video did not capture first place, BUT something more incredible occurred that night. Thanks to the generous CEO of USGBC, Rick Fedrizzi, who jumped on stage with an empty violin case and a promise to match every gift given for these children in Uganda. It was described to me that people rushed to donate money and give promise notes that they would donate funds to help the children in Uganda. By the end of the night, the violin case was full and $2600 had been raised to help these abandoned children in Uganda.

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In this beautiful season of Christmas, I would like to take a moment and honor my beautiful friend, Monique Caron, and all of her co-workers at US Green Building Council for their inspiring act of charity to these abandoned children in Uganda. I’m overjoyed that your heart was moved by Monique’s INCREDIBLE video and you had the courage to respond with your generous financial assistance.

I’m here in Uganda with these children, but really I carry ALL of you here to them through your prayers and financial assistance. I HOPE for what can’t be seen as of yet in Uganda and rest in total assurance that WE all can be the change for the world to see. Life changing projects are on the horizon for these children from your incredible generosity. I will keep you all updated as plans unfold! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the instrument of immeasurable JOY that I can be to these precious, abandoned children of Uganda. It truly is a Christmas miracle!




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Susan Byrne

Amazing indeed!! Keep up the awesome work!! We are all rooting for and praying for you!! We love you!!